Steve Waldon ​- Quantum AI and Non-computable Creativity

NonComputable Creativity

One of the central contributions is the notion that certain forms of creativity may not be computable. I first presented this idea at the 2012 Science of Consciousness Conference. To begin I first divide up the space of creative processes into those that can create new categories and those that cannot. I then describe why I believe that category generating creative processes may not be computable and outline how a proof this would look.

Defining Class 1 and Class 2 Creative Processes. In order to differentiate simple creative processes from the most sophisticated ones I use the concept of category creation. Truly sophisticated creative processes have the ability to create new categories simpler ones do not. A category in this case has a formal definition. It is a bounded and connected region of a fitness landscape that encapsulates a set of local minima and is structurally stable. The set of all points in this set can be enumerated by a specific algorithm and hence a specific Turing machine.